Life Cycle Assessment Product Sustainability (GaBi) Software

LCA Product Sustainability (GaBi) Software built on the world’s most robust LCA databases.

Achieve Your Sustainability Goals with Sphera’s Best-In-Class Product Sustainability Software.

With options for LCA professionals and non-LCA professionals alike, our solutions help users reach their company’s LCA goals, regardless of their skill level.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Software

Elevate Your Product Reporting.

Communicate and collaborate with stakeholders and internal partners on environmental performance reports using customizable report templates. Automated reporting helps you interpret, use and share results and environmental insights across the value chain.

Realize Ecological
and Economic Benefits.

Life Cycle Costing helps you understand cost triggers and cost factors throughout your product’s life cycle. It helps you deliver more sustainable products and reduce operational costs.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Software

Show That You Take
Sustainability Seriously.

Meet regulatory requirements and your customer’s demands with Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). Use product sustainability labels and claims in your product marketing to show that you take sustainability seriously.

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Product Sustainability (GaBi) Datasets

Access Sphera’s comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) databases with over 15,000 annually updated datasets.

Life Cycle Assessment Database

Updated, reliable and consistent environmental data.

Sustainable Packaging Calculator

Meet your sustainable packaging goals.

Software for Sustainable Product Design

Design with sustainability in mind.


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