As I drove to collect our usual Saturday night takeaway, a song from my youth flicked on to the radio and in an instant, I was once again transported back to my youth. That song was ‘You Got the Love’ by Candi Staton.

In a heartbeat, I was that 17 year old girl, with long blonde hair, a bottle of Hooch in hand, dancing away in Visage (the in place to be in Doncaster in the 90s, until you hit 18 and you moved to the uber cool Karisma with its’ very own R&B room) with not a care in the world. All those familiar feelings of excitement came flooding back; excitement bordering on euphoric, nerves, laughing with my best friend Emma about deciding what we were going to wear earlier in the night, how her Mum was ever going to backcomb my unruly hair, getting the bus in to town wearing next to nothing and wondering if we’d be ‘let in’ to our favourite pubs and ultimately, Visage.

All these years later and that song still brings back all of those feelings. I found myself wondering what it is about that particular song that gives me goose bumps; is it the memories of a by gone era when youth unashamedly felt like it’d last a lifetime, or was it a combination of youth, ‘living in the moment’ or feeling at one with the lyrics in a time where all I had to worry about was me, my best mate Em, our ‘crowd’ and the latest boyfriend?

On a hen do  last month, the same song came on and whilst I was with a relatively new group of friends, the song still swelled that excitement in me and I found myself dancing on a podium like platform, brunette and about 3 stone heavier than in my prime, but nevertheless, dancing away, like the parallel 17 year old in me. Not a single care in the world I felt.

The conclusion I’ve come to, is that whilst our bodies may grow old and weary, our minds stay the same. I may be about to embark on my  mid 30s, but there’s still the happy go lucky 17 year old in my heart and soul living in the moment and whilst one day I won’t be able to climb up on to the podium and give it my all, that 17 year old in me will be smiling away still wishing she could.

Nearly 34 and I most still definitely, have got the love.