Is when people moan. For no good reason. If you’re gonna moan, then moan. Let it out and get it off your chest I say. I do and I credit this moaning, for my youthful appearance and all round cheery disposition.

I hate it when I see someone on Facebook moan about other people’s status’ (I’m not saying I don’t rant about the crap posted on there, as I do, a lot), but there’s no point moaning about it. For god sake, do something about it. Like unfollow them.

There’s no need to delete them; this for me opens up a whole can of worms (especially if it’s family, although I have been known to delete family when they’ve really pissed me off), that’s unnecessary really and hurtful. Or tell them.

Or actually just bloody delete them. Trash is trash sometimes.

Recently I saw a post about someone moaning that their ex boyfriend was stalking them. Really? You should be so lucky. You’ve the personality of a nat and you look like you’ve been hit in the face with a shovel. There’s people starving to death and you’re complaining your ex boyfriend is still texting a week after your break up. GET OVER YOURSELF I was literally screaming at my phone. An inanimate object that has no feelings or memory (you know what I mean before you get clever on me) and I’m screaming in my head at it (I was in a public place at the time).

And so I did something about it. I really can’t sit and bloody well moan about her moaning about her ex without carrying out some action. So I unfollowed her. It’s like the trash has taken itself out really. And I feel so much lighter too. Like I’ve dumped a load. Which I have.

My point 1. Trash is trash sometimes 2. Stop lamenting and act upon it.

No one likes a hater.