What makes a hater, hate?

I don’t know is the honest answer but I’ll hazard a bloody good guess. I’m certainly no hater, but I have a severe dislike for a number of people and more importantly, their actions.

I’m not an angel and I’d be the first to admit this, however, what does my head in is when people (usually women, again) hate on other women for no good reason. No good reason, other than they’re bloody well jealous of them. I was bullied when I was younger, along with my best childhood friend and her sister. The reason? Because we were from nice homes, deemed to be pretty (we were about 10 before you think I’m an ego maniac) and appeared to ‘have it all’. These were local girls hating on us, simply because they were jealous.

Twenty odd years later, and women hating on women is something I see all too frequently on social media, in everyday conversations and even in public. Most recently this was displayed at the supermarket where a mother and daughter were openly bitching about the size of a woman’s arse that was stood less than 3 feet from them. I’m not saying I didn’t agree with their mindset, but they didn’t have to be quite so vocal.

Wayne doesn’t get why women bitch. I do. It’s cathartic to be honest love, that’s why we bitch. I bitch, of course I do, but hate on some one, that’s another thing. You see my best friend Emma and I bitch. About each other’s handbags and how I want her Mulberry and she wants my Louis, but we know we’ll never have the others as we’ve decided to re-produceĀ and know that we’ve signed our handbag rights away for the next 30 years. It’s all in jest, but you get my point. We’ll bitch about people we went to school with and how they were gifted genetically when we were 17, however, years later, they’ve been hit well and truly with the ugly stick. But do we hate? No we don’t. We thank god that we could feast our eyes on them on teenagers and admire from a distance and be smug as pretend grown ups that we’re not stuck waking up looking like that or even worse, next to them each morning.

You see hating is one step further than bitching in my eyes and is an action set out to purposefully upset another human being.

Being a hater is someone who is rotten to their very core. They hate themselves, they hate what others have, they’re jealous and they can’t contain these feelings. Whether it’s to your face or behind your back, they detest you even breathing and the fact you’re still gracing the planet with your presence.

To haters, I say f*ck you. F*ck you and your tiny, pathetic, narrow-minded mindset. You’re the school ground bully who at 12 thought you push others around and as adults, you think you can do the same with your words and your actions. You see for the recipient of the hater, they’ve done no wrong apart from being themselves; it’s the hater with the problem, not you.

I say, if you suspect a hater hating on you, give that fucker a reason to hate you.

And if I find you hating on me, for no good reason, you’d better be ready, because when I go all out Jackie Chan on you, you’ll wish you never laid eyes on me, mofo.