I don’t know why car manufacturers bother even including indicators on cars anymore. Why? Because they’re never bloody used in my experience.

It’s like having china. Pointless crap that’s ugly, chips easily if ever used and can’t be stuck in the dishwasher.

The car indicator is identical. Pointless if not used, not used effectively if used and then if attempted at using properly, dickhead driver turns in the opposite direction; sod all point in even trying to use said indicator, much like god damn China.

Take my Dad. Driving down a busy road and he’s approaching our left turn off. “Indicate Dad” I yell. Like the indicator, pointless saying anything. “Don’t worry love, they know I’m turning left” was his response. WTF? Who, who knows? People behind you, oh yeah, they’ll know when you slam the brakes on to turn left and they slam in to the back of us. The people turning out of said road; they’ll know when they flick the Vs at you as they’ve missed their opportunity to pull out…

I literally have road rage every time I pull off the drive. The inappropriate and complete disregard for the use of the indicator is sending me over the edge. We live on a bend and driving an estate, it can feel like I’m driving a tank. Turning on to the drive, you’ve to swing out to the right before pulling on, thereby swaying into potential on coming traffic. But that’s why I indicate, to let these dicks know what I’m doing, but still, it falls on deaf ears and despite using the indicator, they’re fuming with me.

My conclusion, just disregard the addition of the indicator as its’ functionality is nil and void. That way I can channel my road rage elsewhere. Like at slow drivers, or pedestrians or people simply breathing…