What is it that makes you instantly dislike someone? 

There’s a number of people I’ve had the misfortune of meeting, whom I’ve taken an instant disliking too.  Some would say, that I don’t really like people and at certain stages of my life, I’d agree.

Some people just instantly wind me up. Whether it’s their face, their attitude (possessing shit ones) or just their whole demeanour, some people I just can’t bear to be around. 

I can’t stand over bearing people, so sometimes I wonder if they’re the ones with the problem, or me. I can’t stand obnoxious loud mouths; the moment I stumble across one, I feel my inner bitch bumbling away, ready to make an appearance. 

These people make the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up. It’s like I’ve a detector that can sniff bullshit from a hundred miles away.

For example, take a number of ex work colleagues. Twelve and a half years I worked with some of them. I should be awarded a bloody medal, for some of them were utter arseholes. 

Take this one girl I worked with. Instantly I took a disliking to her before I’d even met her. Why? Because she was a bitch. Plain as. She’d speak too and treat colleagues like shit. Not only that, but she was sleeping with another (married) colleague, whilst with her long term boyfriend, appying no discretion at all. Morally loose, not my cup of tea thank you.

Take another colleague. The first encounter I had with him was by email when I sent him a spreadsheet. He pinged the mail straight back, declaring the cursor should be the box “A1”. If said rule was not adhered to, the mail would be deleted without being read any further. What the actual f*ck?! Instant dislike that was to be carried out right up until I left the business. That along with his rank attitude made me want to email “f*ck you” right back.

Maybe it’s me and not them. But I suspect not.

I’m under no illusion that people instantly dislike me (in fact, I know full well), however, it’s water off a ducks back with me. 

And that’s what makes the world keep turning. People will continue to act like dicks; no one gives a flying shit whether they’re liked or not I’ve found. 

And neither do I.