Jesus nothing more than leading status updates and personal spilling of beans on Facebook winds me up. And by wind me up, I mean fuck me right off.

It’s ridiculous I know and I really shouldn’t concern myself with other peoples’ lives, but I can’t help it. And why can’t I help it? I’ll tell you why, because it’s shoved in my face.

I’d like to say it’s just the youth of today trying to gain notoriety and attention but sadly it isn’t. It’s women (mostly, again) of all ages and social standing. Why don’t people just say what they mean rather than speak in some attention seeking code?

“Feeling pissed off” followed by “S’up chick” followed by “I’ll PM you”. For fuck sake I hear myself yell at no-one, either spit it out and say what’s up or you know what, do us a favour and don’t bother littering my feed with your ego centric crap. The problem I feel lies in that today, there’s no moral or social boundaries. People basically have no social skills nor manners – putting it simply, they don’t know when to shut the fuck up and keep personal details to themselves. Even though it’s followed up with a “I’ll PM you” invariably, the details end up spilling out and all over Facebook ten minutes later anyway and then regardless of whether you wanted to know or not, the details of how her ex-boyfriend was caught shagging her Mum’s best friend are laid, warts and all, for the world to read all about.

Why, why would you invite the world to know the salacious details of your love life is well beyond me. I always find those updates that read “Oh god I just love my super sexy teddy bear, Leon, he’s the best ever” suspicious too. Like what are you trying to prove and to who more to the point? Listen up. Give it a rest. In the fullness of time, no one gives a shit and I dare bet less than a month down the line, you’ll be back on-line, publicly trashing him. “Oh god, Leon’s such a bastarding tool, I hate him and his new slaggy, chavvy girlfriend.”  Nope, didn’t see that a mile off did I? Rolls eyes.

In the wise words of Ron Burgundy ‘”You’re pathetic.”  I said it, I meant it and I’m not the least bit sorry for it either.