Witty, charming and yet like a dagger to ones back! Defo worth a read!


My beautiful (I do mean this with all my heart but it still sits uneasy saying this in a public forum due to my emotional reticence, which will be discussed later im sure) Fiance Jenny took to word press recently to start a blog to fulfill her unrequited passion for writing. I completely encouraged this and was amazed at her talent for tapping keys and producing something witty, enjoyable and resonant. Her blogs continued harmlessly (against me anyway) for a few days. Then something unexpected and frankly despicable happened. She took the open palm of her writing hand, turned it into a fully flexed fist and smashed me in the face with a brutal (slightly exaggerated) attack on me for playing a video game.

She went on to attack my temperament when playing but more importantly the amount of time I spend playing it. Jenny works full-time and I work…

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