Today is my boy’s birthday. Not my one year old, Harry, but my Fiance, Wayne. My very own Peter Pan.

“Happy birthday darling!” I squealed at 7.30am this morning; one hand juggling a laughing Harry, the other a birthday cake laden in candles. “I’m officially closer to 40 than 30!” came the reply. You see, the thing l love about Wayne, is that he’s a 14-year-old, stuck in a now 36-year-old body. His brother from another Mother and best bud, John, would totally agree.

And this is why I love him. Adore him actually – it’s just too hard not to.

Wayne and I met online. Hardly conventional, I know. He won me over with one simple sentence, and as they say, the rest is history and here we are nearly 4 years later, one baby,  one dog, and a wedding on the cards. Totally unpredictable – you never know what’s coming next with us – all Wayne’s doing, naturally. Friends and family wouldn’t bat an eye lid if we said we were packing up and heading to Oz next, it’s just Wayne to be honest – totally unpredictable really.

From the offset, I knew Wayne was really 14 and not 32 but that’s what makes him utterly loveable. He sees the world in a completely different light to anyone else I’ve ever met. He sees the world with an air of innocence, comparable to that of a young child; endearing in every way.

From the outside looking in, you’d think we were chalk and cheese. Wayne’s a complete extrovert; men, women and children flock to him. His infectious laughter and ability to make anyone laugh makes men want to knock back pints with him, women to be with him and kids to make them laugh that little bit more till their bellies hurt. I on the other, I’m a little more guarded, a little more suspicious of the world and a little more impatient than the everyday Joe – the total opposite to my love.

Yes, yes he has his dickish moments (who doesn’t?), but they never last very long and there’s never been a moment in the 1,367 or so days that I’ve woken up next to this legend, has he ever failed to make me laugh. There’s never a dull moment with Wayne; you can be in the absolute shittest of shittest moods, and he can always make me laugh so hard that I feel like I’m wetting myself. Even during labour, when I was experiencing the worst pain ever, he managed to make me laugh so hard that I honestly thought the baby was gonna slip out from laughing so hard!

Boobs make Wayne laugh and drawing willies in the snow on your car. It’s the simple things that make him happy, like video games and drinks with his mates. But the one thing that makes him smile, broader than the joker? Our little treasure and delight, Harry.

Aside from John, Harry is Wayne’s bestie. The two of them are thick as thieves and I know that as Harry turns from toddler to little boy, into teenager and young man, this relationship is going to go from Father and Son to absolute best of friends.

Harry adores Wayne; his little face when Wayne peeks his head around the door, following a mammoth shift at the hospital is something money  can’t simply buy and a feeling many would love to experience. Having been satisfied with my attention, Harry instantly wants his Daddy and I barely get a look in. I don’t mind though in the slightest because when Wayne and I first met, he said he wasn’t bothered about kids (and neither was I – I’d never really liked them to be honest) so to see him flinging Harry around the kitchen, laughing his little head off so hard, makes me the proudest Fiancee and Mummy ever.

In such a short space of time, I feel like I’ve witnessed the turning of Wayne from boy into man. I know this sounds like I’m throwing everything I’ve just said about him being 14 and 36 to the wind, but in the sense that I’ve seen him mature into the adult that I think a few people thought simply wasn’t possible.

Although he’s matured into a responsible young (ish) Father, he’s still managed to maintain that child like, innocent air about him. And it’s for this very fact, that I love him even more.

So here’s to a very Happy birthday to my darling Peter Pan; never lose yourself in the madness that’s the world of being an adult and in the words of J.M Barrie, “never grow up” my dear.