To my dearest future Daughter or Son – in – law.

Even though my baby Harry is only 15 months old, I feel overwhelmingly compelled to write to you. It may be the first time, it may be the last, my little one.

You may only be a baby my little darling as I tip tap away or may be you’re only a twinkle in your Daddy’s eye, but I know that one day you’re going to break my heart but I will love you anyway and I will love you for it.

One day, you’re going to sweep my baby from under his feet and he’s going to adore you; I won’t be jealous nor will I be sad, but I’ll be eternally grateful for you. You’ll never understand this, until you and my darling have your own little babies, and then in an instant, you’ll  just ‘get it’.

I’ll be eternally grateful because you will make my darling the happiest he’ll ever be.

As his Mother, it’s my duty now to you, that I teach him well. Whether you’re a boy or girl, it doesn’t to me, my love. What matters is that you’re both happy. Harry’s 15 months old currently and he’s bright as a button (he knows where his heart is, his cheeks, nose , eyes and ears and he points to himself when I ask him where Mummy’s heart is) and very loveable. Your future Father – in – law (who you’re just going to adore) and I, have taught Harry to give kisses and he loves cuddles too – to us he’s our world and one day, he’ll be yours too.

I’m teaching my little love how to love, to be kind and treat others how he’s going to expect to be treated (and how he should be treated). If he doesn’t love you properly, or isn’t kind or treats you badly, then I’ll have failed you.

First and foremost he needs to respect and love me as his Mummy, because if he can’t do any of these with or for me, then I’ll have you failed you my dear.

I promise you that I will love you and treat you with the utmost of respect – I will love you, for you, and although I can’t promise you we may not disagree from time to time, I will ensure that we’re always reconciled and that we respect one anothers views.

Harry is the love of my life and there’s nothing I will not do for him. And this will extend to you too. All I ask in return is that you don’t break my baby’s heart.

I know that whoever you are, you’ll be special, very special – I know this because Harry will be taught not to just settle for anyone. He’ll be taught to love and respect and this in turn, will mean that he will a choose a future wife or husband who holds the same equally high standards. You may have a past; that’s ok, the best of us do! Just ensure that the past is left where it belongs and concentrate on your future with my little love.

I hope that we truly become the best of friends but I may not be here when you read this (a little morbid I know but having lost my Mummy before meeting your Father-in – law, I know you’ll understand this), but know that I’ll always be with my darling and I’ll be watching down on you both, never far.

Please remember, my darling Harry’s heart will be in your hands – he may only be a baby now, but I know he’s going to grow into a wonderfully happy, witty and charming young man and his happiness will mean the world to me.

I know you’re going to be wonderful in your own right and I do so hope we have the chance to meet; if we don’t then I need you to know how eternally grateful I will be for you – you will be my son’s happiness and his everything and for that I will be eternally grateful.

All my love, your loving Mother-in-law, Jenny xxx