I never wanted kids. If I’m honest, I never really liked them.

They were always a bit of an inconvenience, much like shaving your legs really. I could stand them for a small amount of time and then by home time, I’d be elated to hand them back. I hated teenagers especially; those surly sullen bad attitudes – jesus I’d want to punch them square in the face and tell them to have a word with themselves.

And then I met Wayne. Boom! Not sure what the hell happened, but all of a sudden I was overcome with a desire (that and hitting 30 i think) to produce a mini me.

I can’t imagine life without our little son. Harry’s one and he’s the funniest and charming being I’ve ever had the good fortune to be blessed with. Had you said to me a few years ago, that I’d jump up out of bed when I heard a little one shouting ‘Mama’ at the top of his little lungs, I’d have laughed. Laughed at the absurdity that I’d have agreed to reproduce with someone (I was single at the time) and then laughed again at me jumping up out of bed – I’m not known for being of the caring disposition.

Harry only has to smile at me and he melts my heart. He’s his absolute Father’s mini me and I couldn’t be prouder. My Fiance is an excellent Father and Harry adores him. There’s nothing that makes me smile more than seeing the two of them cuddled up together, laughing away at each other – i just know that as the years roll by, these two are going to be thick as thieves and Harry is already starting to demonstrate signs of hero-worship at this tender age!

My little man knows his mind and isn’t frightened to show it either. Only last night he opened ‘his’ drawer in the kitchen (his drawer contains his bottles and snacks etc) and proceeded to pull a box of gingerbread biscuits out. Calmly taking his seat on the floor, he opened said box and helped himself to a biscuit. Looking at me with his beautiful big blue eyes, he coolly bit the head from the gingerman’s body and laughed. Laughed! He may only be one, but he knows when he’s being a cheeky monkey!

Harry laughs when he breaks wind when you remove his nappy, in fact he finds it hilarious. I laugh with him but if he’s still laughing at 17 when he breaks wind, we’ll be having words – he’s not growing up skanky without manners after all.

I sometimes sit and marvel at this little human being. This beautiful little angel who is so precious and loved. It’s beautiful to see my Fiance blossom into this wonderful Father and to  watch our beautiful little boy transition from baby to toddler – I feel truly blessed and very lucky.

One day, my baby will grow into a man, but one thing will always remain the same….

To me, Harry will always be my baby, even when he’s 34 with his own kids (the age I am now), I’ll still hug him as tightly as I do now and tell him how loved he is and how he’s enriched our lives beyond our wildest dreams. The wonder of children.