Such an old cliche, “The best things in life are free” but one of the greatest (if that’s possible with cliches, of course). 

Take our little ray of sunshine, Harry. Recently he’s learnt to walk and at at the same time, his vocabulary has suddenly developed. All of a sudden, our little prince has turned into a little boy. Chasing our little dog around the house, it makes me smile hearing him shout “Ocky, Ocky” (Rocky!) in between all the shrieking and laughing radiating from him. 

Nothing warms the cockles of my heart more than hearing our son laugh and watching his face break into a smile – even the most miserable of fuckers would struggle not to laugh at my little prince. 

And Wayne. He’s perfect. If Carlsberg were to make a chap, Wayne would be their choice of carbon copy. Whilst I adore my husband to be , it’s important that we maintain our own identities and undertake activities individually; after all they say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

 A recent stag do to Munich for Wayne and I swear he texted way more than he does when he’s home! Time apart was nice as I know he was busy enjoying his bro time, and equally on his return, it was delightful to have him home and be our little family again.

Love and happiness is all you need in life. Of course it’s nice to have those digits on your bank balance, but that doesn’t bring you joy. Not proper joy anyway. 

The love my husband to be and my son provide me is as strong as a diamond. They ask for nothing but love and in return they offer a life time of comedy, a lifetime of holding your sides because you’ve laughed too much and love. Love is one thing you can’t buy. I wish sometimes I could bottle the feeling I feel when I look at them both for all those sad and lonely people in the world; if only life were that easy. 

Everyday I wake with a smile; this am I woke to Harry sticking his fingers in my eyeballs and laughter as he dug that bit further and to Wayne holding my hand. Life may be shit at times, however, when you’re lucky enough to be bestowed your diamonds, you polish and look after them with pride and you look after them so fiercely, that you’d give anything for them. 

Life is good with my gems and now I can’t get that Janet Jackson song out of my head… “the best things in life are freeNow that we’ve got each other, the best things in life are free…”