Bad decisions. We’ve all made these from time to time. Some have made them worse than others, however, it’s not for us to judge, the big fella upstairs I believe, will do that one day.

I’m not sure what started me thinking about bad decisions, I think it’s my sister. My sister is hoping to be a teacher and was telling me that in British schools these days, children aren’t taught that they’re naughty, but rather, that they’ve “made a bad decision.” Children are then encouraged, that once they’ve understood that they’ve made a bad decision, how do they turn this in to a positive decision and outcome.

This recently led me to think about our little Prince, Harry, who’s one. Recently it would appear the’ terrible twos’ have arrived early (on occasion). If Harry doesn’t want to do something, he lets Mummy and Daddy know – in no uncertain terms. Now I know that children often paddy and throw themselves around, and Harry will and does do this, but I’m not about to raise a brat.

I’ve witnessed brattish behaviour over the years and it’s awful to see, because in my opinion, brattish kids turn in to horrific adults and then the damage is done and the bad decision has been well truly executed. Hence me wanting to nip Harry’s behaviour in the bud as he gets older, should he continue to display it as that will be a very bad decision on my part that I most certainly won’t be able to turn in to a good one, as the damage will be done by then.

Sometimes we make bad decisions consciously and sometimes they’re unconscious.The unconscious decisions can sometimes be far worse than the conscious ones, but I guess what really matters is how we put these right regardless of how you got there.

The problem doesn’t lay where a bad decision has been made, that in a way, is irrelevant,  but it’s how it’s rectified. You know when you’ve made a bad decision, what makes you a better person I guess, is if you decide to rectify it and then how you do it.

If you know you’ve made a bad decision and decide to nothing about it, then on your conscience be it – I guess you live it because what other option do you have?

When it comes to teaching our little Prince Harry, the rights and wrongs of life, he’ll also be taught that whilst sometimes, bad decisions are inevitable, it’s how you rectify it and this is what matters the most…