I can’t stay calm, I’m getting married!

In 10 months, I’ll no longer be Miss D, but Mrs H and I simply can’t wait for this day to arrive!

363 days in to our relationship, Wayne popped the question and as we set about planning our impending nuptials (he popped the question in April 2013), we then decided that as we were both 30 plus, maybe having a baby would be a better idea. Boom! 9 months later, Prince Harry arrived and no wedding seemed even remotely close.

Then last summer, Wayne suggested we book the wedding. Giddy little bees, the church was booked and an old Jacobean mansion secured. Fast forward a year and we were back to square one. Having decided that a large, formal wedding wasn’t what we both wanted, we cancelled it. No one was surprised as we’re the most predictable, unpredictable couple I know.

Numbers cut drastically, we’re now going to enjoy a laid back ‘garden party’ style wedding with only our nearest and dearest and enjoy a rather British, quintessential wedding  – complete with lashings of Pimms and no doubt, the unpredictable crappy British weather.

Church booked, wedding reception booked, boom we’re on a roll! Best man, Maid of Honour and bridesmaids have been asked for their required services – we’ve now just to crack on with organising the rest of it! Excited doesn’t come close and I’m not talking about the Bride here! My darling husband to be is so excited, I genuinely think that he’s going to implode ahead of D Day. From cars to menus, to his and Harry’s suits, I genuinely don’t think Wayne can wait either and don’t get us chatting about our honeymoon as we’re beyond excited on that score!

As for my side of things, flowers, THE dress and bridesmaids, I’ve a pretty clear idea on what I’d like. This is the girl who, at 5am, the morning after Wayne had popped the question, was laid awake with said husband to be asking him his thoughts on said forthcoming nuptials.

My sisters and I have been dress shopping a number of times, and whilst I have a clear idea of what I’d like, I havent quite found the finished product as yet. Panicing? Not yet. I keep telling myself that I’ve a good four or five months before it’s crunch time so for the moment, I’m pretty chilled around the whole dress thing really. Wayne’s said I’ll look amazing whatever I wear (he’s genuinely the loveliest chap one could wish for), however, with a stone of baby weight (minimum) to still lose (actually that’s a lie, it’s not baby weight – I’ve just been miss piggy  lately) and the most untoned arms ever plus the biggest hips ever, I’m not quite so convinced, so a heavy exercise regime lies ahead me thinks.

There’s still so much to think about, that sometimes I feel dizzy and sick at the thought of how much we’ve (I’ve) to do. Working full-time, running a house and of course, being Mummy to Prince Harry, and wife to be to Wayne, plus I’m about to retrain career wise, I’m not sure when I’ll fit wedding planning in.

But, as  I say, I can’t stay calm, I’m getting married – and it couldn’t happen quick enough!