Since when did Facebook become Google?

This is my burning question, that has been bugging me since 8pm last night when I happened to have a news feed full of the most stupid and basic of questions. “Anyone know where I can buy Egyptian cotton white linen from?” “Anyone know of a Chinese in West Bessacarr that delivers between 7 & 8pm only?” “Anyone know of a good holiday I can book?”

What the fuck? Are these idiots for real? Do they live in the real world? No, no they don’t. It would appear that they live in a world where merely the action of trying to think independently, would appear to hurt their tiny pea brains.

Besides littering my news feed with their ridiculous questions, that Google could quite easily answer if they bothered to type their question in along with their desired location, I just can’t quite get over how thick they are. Do they not know that it’s quicker to type into Google than post a long-winded and laborious update on Facebook?

No doubt in writing this blog, there’ll be a number of folk reading this thinking I’m tearing strips off the general population and that I’m angry person, filled with nothing but hate and anger. Well I’m not, just to clarify.

I simply get irritated at the sheer thickness of some of the human race.  Those who post this type of shit, along with those who post those irritating updates that are ‘coded’ but really aren’t, inviting everyone to ask them what’s up, wind me up. Along with those who fail to have a sound grasp of the English language – don’t get me started on this bunch of fools, almost push me over the edge.

Tip: Next time you feel like posting some crappy on question on Facebook, don’t. Scrap it. Tell me about how wonderful your day was, or alternatively, if it was shit, tell me about that – give me something to laugh about, but please for the love of god, keep your shitty little questions to yourself or even better, Google them and save Facebook from being quite literally a dumping ground from all the crap in the life.

Rant over with.