So Disney has announced that they’re opening a Star Wars land… thank you Disney. Great news. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m no fan – let’s be clear on this. My husband to be on the other hand, is. Massively.

You may think, oh god, she’s off on another moan and rant. Ah – ah, you’d be wrong. I’m genuinely ecstatic that this announcement has been made. Having visited the magic and wonder that’s Disney before, I can confirm that the Yanks, unlike us Brits, “do theme parks”. Bloody amazingly well I have to add.

Wayne has been a massive Star Wars for, like, forever. Ever since he was taken to the cinema as a little boy, Star Wars has remained the one true constant within his life – I guess you could say it’s his first, one true love. It’s with this thought, that leads me on to my next chain of thoughts. If Wayne adores  Star Wars and Harry adores his Daddy, then it’s only a matter of following the pattern that Harry in turn, will also adore Star Wars. You can see where I’m heading with this can’t you….

As I said, having visited Disney World and Harry Potter land (it’s amazing and again, I’m no massive HP fan), Disney are going to get Star Wars land, spot on. So if Disney get it right, that means Wayne’s happy, and if Wayne’s happy, Harry’s happy and if Harry and Wayne are happy, then I’m happy. Yes I’m no doubt going to spend a few days next time we go, in this magical themed land, and yeah, I’ll no doubt hate-but-love it but hate-it, but so long as the main men in my life are happy, then all’s good.

So thank you Disney. This will just make Wayne’s trip to Disney complete and in and amongst everything else Harry is going to love at Disney, he too, will love Star Wars land. And me? Well I’d better get saving hadn’t I – Disney here we come!