Aylan and Galip – humanity has failed you.

Like millions of others, I too am traumatised by the pictures of little Aylan tenderly being carried from the Turkish beach. My heart has literally broken in two for this little angel and his brother.

Like many before him, this innocent little boy most likely snuggled up to his Mummy, Daddy and brother for them to whisper how they were setting sail for a better, safer and happier life. They’d have no doubt reassured the scared little boys, how they would be safe, it wouldn’t take long and to be big strong boys. Sadly for Aylan that little boat wasn’t going to make the journey and the sea would claim his young innocent life along with his brother and Mother’s.

I can’t help but be appalled that collectively, humanity has let these innocent little souls down. What’s happened to humanity? Have we not learnt our lessons from previous conflicts? These poor people making these perilous journeys are human beings. Human beings who deserve a life like the ones you and I live. Why shouldnt they enjoy what we have?

“No more immigrants” the UK press has quoted for god knows how long. But one question pulsates though my mind. What would you do David Cameron? Would you risk your wife and children’s lives by staying in a war-torn country or would you take your chance and flee for a life free from conflict and war? It’s alright Dave, I already the answer but it’s the same answer any of us with children would give.

Root problems of course need to be addressed in Syria; I’m not an idealist, but a realist and realistically, what chance does the every day Syrian have against the forces of evil that they’re facing? None.

Aylan and Galip, I’m sorry that humanity has failed you; may you both rest in peace with your Mother and may our World Leaders sit up and take action so that your deaths aren’t in vain.