Feeling sorry for people; it’s always been my Achilles heel.

As a little girl, I’d become upset at Christmas, as I’d feel sorry for the all little children who didn’t have a loving family in which to lavish them with gifts and love at such a special time of the year. I still do get sad and feel sorry at Christmas now, all these years later.

As I’ve grown up, I’ve still continued to feel sorry for people. It’s become less of a sentimental type of feeling sorry, but more of a I’m-sorry-you-were-conceived type of feeling sorry these days.

Take ignorant people; I’m sorry that you’re lacking awareness in anything other than yourself.

Fake people; I’m sorry that you’re living a life is a lie, to yourself which is a crime in itself.

Liars; I’m sorry you hate yourself so much.

People who turn their backs to those in need; I’m sorry you think the universe revolves only around you. Should you ever need a helping hand, I hope sincerely you think of the time, you turned your back on others and hang your head in shame.

Life is a series of unfortunate events it feels like at times. For some, it’s unfortunate that their very existence remains.