Wedding Fever. It’s upon us.

Now I may not sound like I’m that excited; I am, very excited – I mean who wouldn’t be excited to become the future Mrs H after all? I’m reminded daily how much of a catch my husband to be is, and frankly, I know this all too well – I’m one very lucky lady after all.

The realisation that we’re getting married in less than 9 months, is very real now. Church and venue booked, cancelled and re-booked and dates amended, this is it. It’s all systems go now! I won’t lie; I’m now also starting to stress too. Luckily my Maid of Honour is like the modern-day Monica from Friends, so on the day, I’ve no doubt that she’ll be charging round, clip board in tow, yelling at everyone to do as they’re told – the day itself isn’t daunting in that sense, it’s the organising in the lead up to it that is. This is when a girl needs her Mum.

The hen do organisation is pretty much underway, stag preps have been set firmly in concrete now, so I can calm the hell down on this front. Whilst I haven’t chosen my dress yet, I’ve a pretty good idea what I’d like (let’s be honest, I’ll probably end up with something polar opposite knowing me!) and honeymoon destination has almost been decided (this is Mr H’s domain – if he’s happy, then I’m happy).

What’s starting to stress me is wedding invites. No family dramas or anything like that, thank god, it’s just a case that I have a ridiculously large family and Wayne is way too popular for his own good. What does this equal? Well I’ll tell you what it equals, a bloody headache for me!

Wedding plans altered in the recent summer months and we decided to massively downscale and enjoy a small, intimate wedding instead. Beyond excited, we’re really looking forward to our new arrangements and we both feel way less stressed – after all a wedding isn’t a show or a pantomime – there’s no part for everyone to play, it’s about two people who love and respect each other, making a life long commitment to love one another, making one another laugh, irritate each other and be there for each, through thick and thin. No dramatics, just a declaration of love is what we want, so we’ve said fuck it, that’s what we’re having.

Yes, family and friends are going to be upset no doubt, however, it’s not about anyone else, it’s about us. I hope that those that love us, respect us and our decision and aren’t offended and can simply be happy for us. If they don’t, then quite simply they don’t love or respect us and as I always say, life’s too short to be upset with those who don’t love or respect you.

So off I go, back to wedding prepping, back to my drawing board of invites and flow charts and together with future husband, we’ll tackle everything as we usually do, as a tag team and a little like the All Blacks and Tyra Banks – determined and fierce!