Whoo hoo! It’s Friday!

Thank god it’s Friday – I’m knackered, I need a drink and I can’t wait to spend time with the men in my life. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I love it so much that last night I spent the evening working and didn’t begrudge it one bit, but god I love the weekend that bit more!

Weekends used to be about lie ins, dinner out and time with our dog. These days it’s about Harry, creating memories and of course, his social calendar. It must be noted that to say he’s not even 2, he enjoys a cracking social life – better than mine if truth be know be known, but it’s ok, I’m happy with that, because if Harry’s happy, we’re happy.

Tonight I’m going to enjoy cuddles with my boys, I’m going to enjoy a takeaway (Friday night ritual) and then I’ll be catching up on ‘The Apprentice.’ Not the wildest Friday night, but hey it’s exciting enough for us!

Autumn is well upon us now so I think it’s high time we hit the woods and enjoy the leaves, the wonderful change of colour and maybe, just maybe, we’ll go and hunt some conkers down.

A shower beckons before work, so I’m going to spring out of bed and start my Friday with a smile – finishing early on a Friday is something to definitely get out of bed for!

And on that note, enjoy your weekend folks!