Harry, you’re only 19 months old, but in the relatively short time that you’ve graced mine and your Daddy’s lives, you’ve filled it with nothing but laughter, love and that feeling of ultimate completeness.

You’ve always been a very happy, smiley baby; even when you were tiny, you’d belly laugh at your little dog, Rocky. You’d tease him with your toys and as you’ve both grown together, that love you have for one another has grown too and it’s safe to say (thank goodness!) you’ve become the best of brothers.

Each morning we wake to hear you chattering to your teddy bears, followed by little laughter and ‘Mummy!’ ‘Daddy!’ – that’s your q to telling us you’re done with bedtime and so we carry you out and sit you in bed (often with Daddy), whilst you dictate what you should watch ‘choo choo’ – yep you’ve guessed it, you LOVE Chuggington! ‘More’ you’ll shout, when an episode concludes and so we give in to you, it’s too hard not to as you gaze up at us with those big, beautiful blue eyes!

Your independence has dumb founded Mummy. Only the other day, you insisted on walking down stairs, un-aided by Mummy, only holding the staircase for dear life – I can honestly say you have no fear, and Mummy’s heart is often in her mouth!

You pace around the house with such a sense of purpose; you seem to know where you’re going and what you want – even if it is only to run into one of the spare bedrooms to play hide and seek. Everyday is new and thrilling for you – you’re happy to explore and you’re a joy to watch. Watching your little brow furrow as you’re puzzled, I find myself biting my lip to stop Mummy from laughing. The last thing I want to do is ever make you feel self-conscious – even if I find you comical as you work the basics of life out.

You’re always willing to try something new; I’ll never forget the time in TGI Friday’s when you tasted ice-cream for the very first time. You almost hyperventilated! We couldn’t understand how you could so happily suck on a piece of lemon but yet find the taste of ice-cream so discerning!

Mummy and Daddy’s greatest hope is that you’re happy and healthy. You can have all the worldly goods, but if you don’t possess happiness or health, then sadly my little one, you’ll have nothing…

You’re our greatest achievement and we couldn’t be prouder – may you always smile and laugh and be healthy; if you’re happy and content, then life will then fall easily into place and you’ll be a content little chap with life.

All our love our beautiful little one, Mummy & Daddy xxxx