Finally, it would appear I can relax..get in!

I’ve spent, what feels like forever, studying. Not something I thought I’d be doing at nearly 35. I’ve always been career driven so in a way it’s no surprise I decided to embark on a career change to qualify to become a Construction Health & Safety Manager.

Anyway, exams were sat yesterday (4 hours’ worth) and I’m delighted to say at last, I can finally relax!  No more revision cards, no more reading in the bath whilst trying to unwind, no more audio modules playing in the background whilst I try to combine work and revision and no more talking to Harry about the Health and Safety at Work 1974 on his way home of an evening!

I can now think about Christmas and popping our tree up – the most magical and special time of the year. This year our Christmas will be even more special as our little chap (who turns 2 in March) will no doubt be thrilled at the Christmas tree and prospect of opening piles higher than himself of gifts! Yes, it’s definitely time to relax. And relaxing for me means amongst spending time with my fiance and little chap, hitting my keyboard – let the good times continue to roll!