Even if I had a pocketful of fucks, I still wouldn’t give you one. This rationale is simple; as the years have  gone by, I’ve gone full circle in how I view the world.

When I was younger, I held zero tolerance for people and their general fuckery. You pissed me off, that was it, we were done. Forgive and forget? Hell no. Then a series of unfortunate events led me to change my mind. With this came along a period of reflection and ultimately resulted in me reassessing life and in turn, people. I became tolerant to people’s shit. I say tolerant, this isnt strictly true. I just learnt to let people’s shit, their attitudes and their general fuckery wash over me like a wave. Forgive? Yes possibly because I thought life was too short to do anything other than forgive.

Recently, I’ve been reassessing (once again). A series of unfortunate events (out of my control, unfortunately), have led me to come full circle, once again. No longer will I tolerate shit attitudes and being treated and spoken to, like shit.

Once again hardened, by the fuckery of human beings, forgive and forget has become something that quite honestly, is unobtainable for me. The problem lies with me you see, for being stupid. I was stupid enough to think that human beings could be tolerant towards each other.

Whether it’s in your personal life, work life or generally being a human being, I’ve learnt that people can be horrible, vicious and destructive creatures. Regardless of whether they’re trying to destroy your relationship, sabotage your career path or generally being a dick everyday, people prove that they really can display their best presentation of  what fuckery is.

No longer tolerant of shit, I’ve decided fuck it, those human beings who can’t prove themselves to be decent people, can fuck right off. Those who can behave like decent humans, I’ll continue to move heaven and earth for. But let’s make one thing clear here, forgive and forget is longer an option – once you’ve crossed me, that’s it, your card’s marked and then you fall into my category of “Even if I had a pocketful of fucks, I still wouldn’t give you one.”

Once you’ve fallen into the category of “Even if I had a pocketful of fucks, I still wouldn’t give you one” you’re not leaving it. No amount of apologising (if you’re decent enough to recognise your behaviour) will change my mind. Just like the devil, you’ll be banished from my consciousness, forever. I may have to deal with you in some capacities, but in essence you’ve fucked it.

Before any mofo thinks about crossing me in any capacity of my life, they may wish to think about the consequences of their actions because this human being is taking no shit, once again – gone is the nice girl and it’s safe to say that resting bitch face has returned.

Just remember, cross my path in the wrong direction and you’ll be straight in the “Even if I had a pocketful of fucks, I still wouldn’t give you one” category and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself when you realise what a momentous prick you’ve made of yourself.