“Fuck it. Fuck you. Fuck off”

Let’s be honest, we all think this. You? Maybe a couple of times a day. Me? At least 74 times a day. I’m unsure if I’m perfectly honest, but I know that I do mutter this, often under my breath, a lot.

I’m no hater; I’m not hating on anyone before you let your imagination run away with itself. Good god, no. I’m just a HUMAN BEING. A human being who is unable first and foremost and secondly, who quite frankly, is unwilling to be tolerant to other people’s BS, fuckery or general shittiness (in what ever form it may occur).

Whether it’s people generally fucking up in everyday life, on public transport (thank the good, sweet lord, I no longer have to use this, quitting my old job secured this), having to navigate around general fucktards in the supermarket, or even watching tv, I find myself muttering “Fuck it, fuck you” or “fuck off”.

Today has started off to be a shitter of a day. “Fuck it, fuck you, fuck off” springs to mind at it’s not even 9am, I woke up to an alarm this am, pitch black outside and my immediate thought was, “Why the fuck did I set my alarm for a Saturday am?” Well it’s not bastarding Saturday is it? No. It’s bloody Wednesday. “Fuck it” was my second thought of the day.

When you’ve already kicked the day off with a “fuck it” you just know it’s going to be one of those bloody days. Making the mistake of looking at Facebook a couple of minutes ago and all I could think was “fuck off”; dirty laundry once again being aired in public (so uncouth and frankly, unneeded but that’s neediness I guess for you) and so the hamster wheel cycle of everyday life continues I guess.

Before my day gets any shittier, I’m going to sit and breathe for a moment; gather my thoughts and think positively for the rest of the day – actually who am I kidding? Fuck it actually, I’m off for a chocolate bar – chocolate helps in times like these and well if you don’t like it, me or my blog or you’ve been offended in any way, you know what you can do don’t you? ( I make zero apologies for my language or directness this morning either) Fuck right off!