So a serial shoplifter whose amassed a fortune in excess of £2 million, wants a job, but wait for it, won’t work for less than £36,000 – get a grip love. Or rather, do us a favour and fuck off and just die.

What is it with people today? They just want something for nothing. This ‘woman’ ( I personally prefer scrounging, thieving skank, but hey ho) has worked out that she can’t live, without earning a minimum of £36k. It should be noted that at this point, said skank is on benefits, sponging off the likes of you and me; nicking seems to be a hobby. Anyway, as always I begin to rant and divert. So she wants a job. But she doesn’t have any experience or qualifications so what I’d like to know is, just what job does she think she’s going to undertake that would pay her more than the national average in this country of £24,000??

At the moment, this skank, is sat on her backside, probably watching her 72 inch tv, decked out in Juicy Couture, eating a takeaway and all at the expense of the taxpayer – i.e me. This lazy cow won’t budge from her (and I quote) “rent free” accommodation until an employer pays her what she requests… WTF? If I were PM, i’d ensure that this skank didn’t receive one penny of her benefits until she’d proved why she actually needs them, because it seems to me that this free loader could easily get a job and stop bleeding the State dry. Which leads me to another question – who is thicker then in this case, David Cameron or this lazy skank??

Don’t get me started on David Cameron, the elitest, Eton educated, champagne swigging toff; in my eyes he’s just as bad as this low life with his inability to sort the benefits system out in this country.

I’m ranting now and I’m breathing heavily which can mean one thing only; I’m becoming agitated, so before I start writing to David personally to tell him how much more of an effective job I could carry out as PM, I’m going to put a lid on this blog.

As far the skank, listen up love, you’re seriously deluded. Go acquire some experience or gain your qualifications and then start demanding £36k. Until then, take a job – any will do frankly and stop bleeding our benefits system dry and let those who need benefits for a legitimate reason be awarded them. Lazying around in your skanky trackie isn’t a justifiable reason.

Get a grip love. Even better, get a job.