I’ve said many a time that I’m not a ‘people person.’ I’m not particularly arsed that I’m not patient or intolerant of people; I am who I am and I make fuck all apologies for it.

As I grow older, I’ve developed such an aversion to bullshit that my eyes are rolling in my head before my mouth actually engages. I can sense bullshit from a hundred metres, sometimes I don’t even have to hear it; simply observing behaviour without words being spoken aloud is enough to make me chunder in my own mouth at the utter shite that some people spew.

It’s not just BS that gets on my nerves, it’s people who don’t possess a moral compass that grate my gears too. Like greedy people. They wind me up to high heaven. Your come-up-ance will arrive one day sunshine, is what I always think. Those horrid little fuckers who trample all over other people’s feelings wind me up – just who the hell do you think you are? Dragging your negativity and shit into somene else’s life…. just how low can you stoop?

I used to use public transport all the time to commute to and from work. If you’re not a people fan, then public transport isn’t for you (nor is customer facing jobs but that’s another story in itself). Selfish, rude and incredibly irgnorant people frequent these modes of transport I’m sorry to say. Once I sat on a 6.45am train that stopped at Bradford (shithole central as I like to think of it as). So I’m sat minding my own business, working away on the train, when some absolute moron comes and sits next to me (the train was empty I have to note), smashing a cornish pasty into his face. Now I’m not adverse to a pasty myself, but at 6.45am? No fucking thank you. So I told him to fuck off in no uncertain terms with his pasty and sit down the other end of the carriage.

My point is, is that people are often rude and ignorant, without even being aware of it. It’s like poison, it eats away at them and consumes them.