I’m like Marmite. You either love me or hate me.

A lot of people get upset when someone doesn’t like them. I don’t. In fact, I don’t give a flying shit either way – I’m not asking you to love me or hate me; you’re your own person, with your own opinion (hopefully).

There’s a lot of people I don’t like for a number of reasons. It maybe that I don’t like their attitude, or their approach to life, how they treat their husbands or wives or it may be just as simple as them being a complete and utter douche bag. There’s loads of those fuckers around. I’ve been told directly how someone doesn’t like me. Bothered, I think not. More often than not though, it’s people’s actions that give their opinion away of me. I think if you go to the effort of letting someone know that you don’t like them, you’ve got issues  as you’ve  way too much time on your hands.

Life’s too short to act like a dick. Yeah sure, think it in your head, but to carry an action out letting someone know how much you dislike them is borderline criminal. Like I said, I couldn’t give two shits if you like me or not, I’ve the skin of a rhino and a mouth of  the biggest hoe to match, combine these two and I can potentially destroy you with my words mofo. Acting like a dickhead lands you in hot water and people aren’t intelligent enough to realise this. Or maybe they’re just thick as chuff, I don’t know (nor care really).

I’ve family who don’t like me – bothered? I think not. You’re the one with the issue, not me. You’ll never like me. And I will never give a shit.

A family member rolls their eyes whenever they see me, which isn’t very often, thank god – bothered? I think not. Truthfully, I find it rather funny that a 50 plus year old can get so wound up by my sheer presence. Is it sad people don’t like me? No it’s not as I’d rather not waste my precious time and energy on people who mean so little to me. What is sad, is how it affects people who surround us.

This family member who detests me so much, was present at Mummy’s funeral and dislikes me so intensley that they couldn’t even offer a single word of condolence to me on losing her. I heard them offering their kind and sympathetic words to my Dad and brothers and sisters, but not me and I know my Dad noticed. Not that I gave a fuck, because I didn’t, I had my family to think about that day and saying good-bye to Mummy until the next time we see each other again, but the fact that my Dad picked up on it and was hurt; now that hurt like fuck.

This dumb fuck had no idea how their actions affected not me, but those closest to me and for that, I detest them.

Like I say, you’ll never like me. And I will never give a shit.

But remember one thing, once you’ve done or said something to me, there’s no going back, because once I don’t give a shit, I will never give a shit again.